Further trafficking victory

On the 30th October 2014, the Crown discontinued the proceedings at Stratford Youth Court against TN, who was a child victim of human trafficking. Philippa Southwell of this firm represented TN and made successful representations that the prosecution contravened CPS guidance on human trafficking, was against the public interest and contrary to the European Convention’s Non Punishment provision.

TN was a minor who was convicted of cannabis offences. We did not represent TN for the original proceedings where he was convicted. Once instructed we successfully made an application to reopen the case. In light of the recent Court of Appeal judgment R v L, THN & Ors, for which Miss Southwell also represented the Appellant THN, the Prosecution conceded to our representations and offered no evidence.
Philippa Southwell specialises in representing victims of human trafficking and has been successful in quashing every conviction raising issues of human trafficking on which she has been instructed to date. Anyone who believes they may have a case which would fit within the criteria and wishes to challenge the conviction or seek advice on this area should contact us immediately.

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