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Birds Solicitors offers advice in a range of areas including regulatory compliance, allegations of fraud and other criminal offences, modern slavery and human trafficking, inquests, extradition, prison law, advocacy and sports law.

The firm’s reputation has been built on its excellence in defending those individuals unfortunate enough to be investigated or prosecuted for criminal offences, whatever the seriousness of the offence. We work under legal aid where it is available to the individual or on a privately funded basis where it is not. Our criminal cases cover the whole spectrum of offences, from the police station to the Magistrates Court, the Crown Court and into the Appellate Courts.


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Thanks to @CharterChambers for their hospitality at the Fraud Lawyers Association dinner. Great evening as always.

See #HTMSE founder and director Philippa Southwell speaking today about #ChildCriminalExploitation on ITV News #ModernSlavery #ChildExploitation #CountyLines https://t.co/nc3Ug5q7Ej

Every single lawyer, and everyone who cares about the right to a fair trial, should stand in solidarity with Richard Egan. Disgusting that tabloid press should whip up such a frenzy that someone doing his job properly and conscientiously should receive death threats.

The press run wildly inaccurate and inflammatory stories about legal aid and representation, next the lawyer gets death threats. It is time for the press to act responsibly. And time for respect to return to modern life. This is terrible for Richard Egan and his family.